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If you are interested in rushing our house, please contact 

Ethan Krueger and Harry Woodward  - recruitment@coloradosae.org

To sign up for IFC Rush - http://coloradoifc.org/rush

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 Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the nations largest social fraternity. More than 335,000 men have joined since it began in 1856.  SAE holds its annual Leadership School with hundreds of brothers, faculty and staff and a top-notch curriculum. With an active local alumni base and just over 90 active undergraduate members, our chapter continues to be a powerful force on the CU campus and beyond. 


It is well known that fraternity members enjoy a much higher involvement in campus and community life than non-fraternity members. Holding an office in the local chapter is a great experience involving working with a group, and in innovative thinking and problem solving. There is a reason that Greeks hold 85% of the upper-level executive positions in the "Fortune 500 Companies", and that is because of their experiences they are better qualified in working with people and delegating authority.  Sigma Alpha Epsilon is designed to help nurture and develop leadership in all of our members. Sigma Alpha Epsilon annually hosts the John O. Moseley Leadership School and a national leadership conference in Chicago which is open to members from all of our 200 chapters around the country. Since it began in the 1935, the John O. Moseley Leadership School has graduated over 25,000 members


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